BLOG 1: Party Bus or Limousine? Which one is better?

Party Bus or Limousine? Which One is Better?

As party buses (also called limo buses) are getting more and more popular, people have a tough choice to decide which type of vehicle would be best suited for their type of event.

Although limousines are traditionally the preferred choice for events such as birthdays, nights out, bachelor and bachelorette parties, party buses are quickly gaining popularity for many of our customers.

Here are the few reasons why people like party buses as compared to limousines:

* Party buses are much more roomy. You are able to stand up, walk around, dance around and enjoy your time a lot more on a party bus. In a limousine, you can still party, however, there is definitely not as much room and freedom.

* Seats are much bigger and much more comfortable in a party bus. Due to the ceiling height, a stretch limousine can only have seats of certain height, which usually means that they are much lower than they would be in party bus. For a wedding it might be a concern, since the last thing that you would want is have the bride’s and bridesmaids’ dresses drag on the floor of the limousine while sitting down.

* Party buses have a lot more amenities when compared to SUV limousines. For instance, our party buses have dance poles, large screen TV’s (some of the buses even have 60″ TVs), fireplaces, color changing ceilings, floors, sides, and everything else! Limousines also have similar amenities, however, they are not as big.

• Party buses have better air conditioning. Party buses come with a strong and cold factory installed air conditioning system, which is very important when you have 20+ people in a small space. Obviously, limousines also have air conditioning, however, the air conditioning in the limo was not originally designed by the factory. Different air conditioning components were added when the limousine was being stretched by who ever built it, thus decreasing the efficiency.

• Party buses are quickly becoming in the hip thing to do! A lot of movies are displaying party buses as the way to go when it comes to having a good time. A party bus is just like your personal club on wheels. You have all of your closest friends there, you have the booze, you have the music, what else could you need on the special night?

Emperor Limousine specializes in party bus services. We have a large fleet of 10 party buses that can accommodate any of your special event needs!

To get a quote today, simply call us at our office number – 630-383-4200!

Also, we highly recommend for you to stop by our location and view all of our party buses in person! You will definitely love what you see, and while you’re here, we can also show you some of our stretch SUV limousines such as H2 Hummer, Cadillac Escalade, Infinity QX56 and many others!



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