Ford Excursion Stretch SUV Limousine – 20 Passenger

Ford Excursion Stretch SUV Limousine – 20 Passenger

The Ford Excursion from Emperor will make you feel like you’re at home… well, a smaller version of your home with a lot more tech. Equipped with a fireplace, massive plasma screen TVs, a simple seating arrangement, and a fully-stocked bar, this limousine should be on the checklist for your next event.

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What’s inside the Ford Excursion?

The interior
Designed with the client in mind, the Ford Excursion features a rich, deep leather, LED lights to dynamically change the appearance of the limousine, disco lights to get the party poppin’, an intricate design on the ceiling, and, of course, a hard floor that’s perfect for moving around on.

The drinks and fireplace (and drink holders)
On one end of the limousine, you’ll see a luxury bar, stocked with glasses, champagne, beer, water, and soda from Emperor Limousine. If you have any special requests, just let us know and we will stock your favorite beverages.

On the other end, you’ll see an imitation fireplace. Obviously, we can’t keep real logs burning inside of a moving vehicle, but our imitation fireplace looks so real that you won’t be able to tell the difference.

The sound system (whoa)
Renting a limousine isn’t a daily occurrence – when it happens, you likely want to go wild. Music is the catalyst for going wild. The stock speakers in limousines aren’t great, which is why we switched them all out with top-of-the-line audio equipment… and added massive subwoofers throughout.

You’ve never heard music like this.

The cheapest price
Despite our elite limousines, Emperor Limousine can give you the cheapest price over any other limo company in Chicago. We can do this because we own all of our vehicles – you get the newest, cleanest vehicle at a fraction of the cost that others will quote you.

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Ford Excursion Stretch SUV Limousine Amenities

  • Seating Capacity for Up to 20 Passengers (14-16 comfortably Depending on Size)
  • Disco Floor & Disco Ceiling for Charming Light Changes
  • Classy Fireplace Imitation
  • Incredibly Loud Upgraded Sound System
  • Disco and Laser Light Show
  • Fiberoptic Ropes and Stars throughout the Limousine
  • Bar Areas with Coolers and Ice Chests around the Limousine
  • iPod/iPhone Connection Capable (AUX Input)
  • Three Tone Leather Interior (Black/Silver/White)
  • Beautiful Pearl White Color on the Exterior of the Limousine
  • Upgraded Chrome Wheels on the Exterior

Ford Excursion Limousine Interior Pictures

Ford Excursion Limousine Exterior Pictures

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