The Wave Edition Party Bus Limousine – 30 Passenger

The Wave Edition Party Bus Limousine

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When you sit at the beach, you’re relaxed. When you sit in The Wave, you’re exactly how you want to be – comfortable, lively, and taken care of. Free champagne (amongst other beverages), sublime lighting, roaring sound systems, and so, so much more… The Wave is one of our most magnificent creations.

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What’s inside The Wave?

It’s not hard to do “pretty good”… but doing exceptional is a different story. After months of designing and tweaking, The Wave is finally available to the public… and it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Lights and seating

Upon stepping into The Wave, the first thing you’ll notice is the lighting and how perfectly it meshes with the seating. The base of the seats are all filled with vibrant light, and that continues all the way up to and around the ceiling.

The seats themselves are luxurious leather. They’re much more than ordinary car seats – when you sit in The Wave, you’ll know what luxury feels like.

Chests, TVs, and sound

Ice chests, glass holders, and champagne buckets to make sure you’re comfortable. There are actually five bar tops within The Wave, so you’ll never run out of room.

Two 30” plasma televisions at the front of the bus, and one enormous 65” one on the back.

Four subwoofers and six speakers dispersed throughout the party bus. The entire space is filled with exemplary sound, and because of the even distribution, there’s no audio inconsistency anywhere.

So much more

We’d love to tell you more about The Wave… like how all of the floors are a rich ceramic, and how we provide free champagne, beer, water, and soda with every ride.

Give us a call and let’s chat. Our friendly booking agents will match you with the perfect ride, whether that’s The Wave or one of our other exclusive party buses.

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The Wave Edition Party Bus Limousine Amenities

  • Seating capacity of up to 30 passengers (26-28 comfortable depending on size)
  • Beautiful ceramic floor
  • Disco dance area in the middle of the party bus
  • Three tone gorgeous leather seating (Black ostrich, rich yellow & chocolate brown)
  • Five disco bars with ice chests, glass & champaign flute holders & champagne buckets
  • Removable “Entertainment/Dance” Pole in the middle of the Party bus
  • Disco Laser Light Show
  • Disco Ceiling that Changes Colors
  • Support Hand Rails for Safety
  • 65″ Plasma Television in the back of the Party Bus!
  • 2 30″ Plasma Televisions in the front of the Party Bus
  • 6 Speakers & 4 Subwoofers that create club-like, mind blowing surround sound system
  • CD/DVD/FM Radio & iPod Ready Sound System – You have all of the controls!
  • LED Disco Light Up Stairs
  • LED Disco Light Posts All Around the Party Bus
  • LED Lights on the Exterior of the Party Bus
  • Karaoke with 2 Wireless Microphones! (Available upon request)

The Wave Edition Party Bus Limousine Interior Pictures

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The Wave Edition Party Bus Limousine Exterior Pictures

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The Wave Edition Party Bus Limousine Interior Video

The Wave Edition Party Bus Limousine Customer Gallery

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