The Galaxy Edition Party Bus Limousine – 30 Passenger

The Galaxy Edition Party Bus Limousine

When NASA finally get party buses into space, we like to think they’ll call us to get The Galaxy up there first. Equipped with a space-like environment and all of the amenities you could ever need, it’s one of our favorite party buses for your wedding, birthday, or other event. For now, we’re happy to drive you around on earth – call now to learn more.

The Galaxy – A “Space-like” Party Bus
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What’s inside The Galaxy?

After you step onto the lighted stairs, you’ll be greeted by a vast space that’s capable of comfortably holding up to 30 people. When you view the interior, you’ll probably need a second to take it all in…

Red, black, and silver leather seating – again, as we said, this looks like something that you’d find at a club in space

A massive sound system – there are eight subwoofers and eight speakers dispersed evenly throughout The Galaxy. You get supreme sound without it ever being abrasive.

Multiple bars and counter tops – enjoy our complimentary champagne, beer, water, and soda, and have plenty of room to put your drink down if you want to get up and dance

Conducive to partying – dancing pole in the center, 4” wide floors, and laser shows to kick things off

LED light displays – the atmosphere constantly changes as multiple LED light displays periodically cycle through color hues

And that’s not all – in fact, we’ve just barely scratched the surface. Please call us today to book The Galaxy or schedule a viewing to see it in person. You’ll be blown away.

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The Galaxy Edition Party Bus Limousine Amenities

  • Seating Capacity of up to 30 (26-28 adults comfortable)
  • Breath taking granite tile floor with light disco area
  • Beautiful three tone leather seat designs featuring red, black & silver theme
  • Club like sound amphitheater: 8 huge sub woofers, 8 speakers
  • Concert level, state of the art lighting system
  • All around controllable LED interior light operation
  • Three TVs with stereo DVD/CD/FM Radio Capability
  • IPOD Connection
  • Unique Fireplace
  • Playful Water Fountain
  • Multiple bar areas with main bar cover with granite counter top
  • Hand rails for support
  • Dance pole
  • Ice cold AC
  • Many, many, many more amazing features in this unique limo bus!

The Galaxy Edition Party Bus Limousine Interior Pictures

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The Galaxy Edition Party Bus Limousine Exterior Pictures

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Video of the Galaxy Edition Party Bus

 The Galaxy Edition Party Bus Limousine Customer Gallery

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