Venice – Incredible 34 Passenger Limo Bus in Chicago

In Greater Chicago, Illinois, there are many nice and noisy places to party or just dance and have fun. People are happy to leave the suburbs on weekends and holidays, or just at nightfall. However, a long road is often exhausting, and after drinking alcohol it can even become dangerous. In such situations, we come to the rescue with our 34-person limo in Chicago, which every resident of the metropolis can hire.

Why Rent a limo Bus for 34 Passenger?

  • We provide only the best limo for 34 people from well-known American manufacturers and tuning studios.
  • We guarantee only professional service and qualified and polite staff.
  • Our drivers have years of experience driving vehicles of similar size and capacity.
  • Each passenger registered at the time of rental is insured against accidents.
  • We serve all categories of the population, regardless of gender and age, both during the day and at night.
  • We organize combined elaborate tours around the city or entertainment venues, but we can also listen to any wishes of the customer.
  • We will provide a bus near you, at the indicated address, the very next day after the application is made.
  • We will park your car nearby and take care of it during your special event.

34 Person limo Amenities

  • New 34 seater limo bus, with high-quality tuning that will allow each guest to feel like in a prestigious nightclub.
  • Comfortable soft sofas along the opposite walls of the salon.
  • Mirrored walls and ceilings in the salon.
  • A huge number of different options for spectacular color lighting from LED and neon lamps.
  • Exclusive sofa backs with lighting and projections of futuristic paintings.
  • Large screen plasma TV in saloon.
  • Best Hi-End sound.
  • Dance floor with a strip pole for girls during a bachelorette party or guys during a stag party.
  • Refrigerator for storing soft drinks, beer, or alcohol.
  • Exclusive interior design in every detail.
  • With excellent sound insulation and tinted windows, passengers will not be disturbed by the noise of the city, roads, or engines.

How Much is a 34 Passenger limo Rental Price?

When buyers ask what is the price of renting a 34 passenger limo rental in our company, we cannot immediately give this answer. Our exclusive limo services guarantee complete comfort and pleasure for our guests, and we don’t know exactly what the customer wants from the very beginning. The final cost of limo rental in Chicago depends on the route, the number of guests, the type of party, the need to prepare the bus, the duration of the rental and stops along the way, additional services, and other factors. However, we can guarantee an affordable price for the best service in town, without any quotes and restrictions. For the convenience of our guests, we provide a bus not only in the Chicago area but also in the surrounding cities of this metropolis.

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