Hermes – Incredible 36 Passenger Limo Bus in Chicago

Chicago is a large metropolis in the state of Illinois that is full of nightlife. Here you can visit hundreds of bars, restaurants, and clubs, and also residents can hire a 36-person limo in Chicago our company. This service will pleasure of a fast and fun ride on luxury vehicles with stops on demand, as well as customers and guests will not need to drive after drinking.

Why Rent a limo Bus for 36 Passenger?

  • Our high-class limo for 36 people has a minimum mileage, is fully functional, equipped with a new interior, furniture, and equipment in the cabin.
  • Each driver in our company undergoes special training to improve the skill of driving a bus.
  • We organize business parties, as well as friendly gatherings both at night and during the day.
  • We can always submit transport near you.
  • If there are free buses, we can fulfill the order the very next day after the application is made.
  • We provide a bus rental service both on an hourly basis and for a long time.
  • We can develop an interesting itinerary with visits to the most famous sights of the city, as well as coordinate with you all your individual wishes.
  • We can provide you with a secure parking space nearby for your vehicle.

36 Person limo Amenities

In our 36 seater limo bus you will find the following amenities for your comfort and safety:

  • Comfortable sofas along the long walls made of genuine leather.
  • Mirrored floor and ceiling.
  • Multi-level lighting on the walls and ceiling.
  • Plasma panel with DVD equipment.
  • Powerful stereo speaker system with premium speakers.
  • Dance floor, pole for girls.
  • Tinted windows with additional blackout blinds.
  • Mini-bar with refrigerators where you can put drinks.

How Much is a 36 Passenger limo Rental Price?

Many potential customers are interested in how much a 36 passenger limo rental in Chicago costs our company. We cannot give an exact answer to this question, since the provision of limo services requires a detailed estimate, according to the wishes of the customer. The final limo rental in Chicago depends on the distance, route, number of stops, guests, party category, and many other factors. However, we can always guarantee only affordable costs for our customers. We provide party bus rental services not only in the Chicago area but also in other cities located tens of kilometers away with the best combination of price and quality, without any quotes and restrictions.

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