Infinity Limousine QX56 in Chicago

The Chicago area is full of bright nightlife, and everyone must try it at least once. You can visit countless clubs, theaters, lounges, and joyful places. Instead, you can try completely different individual entertainment on the board of our Infinity Limousine.

When you want to rule a party by yourself, Emperor Limo Services comes near you timely and helps. We provide limousines and party buses in Chicago and nearby for the most luxurious and memorable nights out. Do you want to try an Infinity limo?

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Why Rent an Infinity Limo?

The first and the main for many, a luxurious limo means status. Such a luxurious vehicle marks your wealth and, more importantly, good taste. Be sure that your deep knowledge and style are undoubtful if you choose this car.

Infinity limo services in Chicago appear helpful for events of any kind. Frequently they act as an addition to the main party. For example, guests can prepare for a club night and find the right vibe. A limo ride can take about 1-2 hours to avoid leaving guests tired.

Party Scenarios

Emperor Rentals has the experience and proper skills to organize celebrations for clients with very personal needs. Be sure we can fit yours.

  1. We often provide our vehicles for school & prom parties, which is a classical celebration solution. Also, bachelor & bachelorette transportation and wedding support are our usual cases. These scenarios require detailed discussion and a lengthy planning process.
  2. People often hire limos for concerts and sports events. In this case, you can rent a limo fastly at a very affordable price. We are ready for urgent orders and can organize a classical status event in a few days.
  3. The third type of case we regularly deal with is a business or a corporate event. When you want to make an impression on your deal partners or celebrate success with your team, we provide a high-level service in the shortest terms.
  4. An Infinity party bus or a limousine fits especially for sightseeing tours. You can show your guests the most beautiful locations and Chicago, where they can go out, take photos and enjoy the view.

Infinity Limo Services Features

The Emperor Rentals team pays a lot of attention to our limousine quality and the range of provided services. Of course, we hire chauffeurs with the best rates who can show the city to visitors and build safe and beautiful routes. They observe the timing and deliver guests to the chosen place when needed.

Another option we offer is a photographer service to shoot some content for Instagram and make the memories look beautiful. To make a party smoother, you can invite a DJ and tell them about your music taste.

There is a bar with drinks in every bus or limo we provide. Inside you’ll find iced bottles of champagne, beer, juices, soda, and water. Some cocktails and special additions are up to your choice.

Stretch Infinity Limousine Amenities

We strive to make our vehicles serve as real moving clubs. It means we care a lot about both the interior and technical sides. Inside the limo, you’ll see soft leather seatings in a cold-colored palette of blue, beige, and white.

The floor and walls are covered with stone tiling, which is always pleasant to touch. We avoid synthetic and cheap materials in custom interiors because status matters for us in all details.

The light helps the atmosphere to change and stay lively. The interior is full of LED lights in all its forms. There are switching colors, changing rhythms, enlighted seatings, and tops. Additionally, a laser show won’t leave anyone bored.

The final chord is a sound system. We fill limos with dynamics and subwoofers to create a striking effect for your ears. The sound is deep and enshrouding, allowing guests to enjoy music with all passion.

How Much Is an Infinity Limo Rental Price?

The cost to rent an Infinity Limo is individual and depends on a few factors. The first is the rental time. The next is the range of services you want to include additionally. We offer a price list to all clients and discuss their specific requests to charge fair.

We will discuss all details after receiving your request. You can receive free email quotes on our website after filling out a feedback form.

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