The Pearl Party Bus

The Pearl is something unique – it features a fireplace (yes, an actual fireplace) and a unique seating arrangement to make the party bus seem even bigger. Call today to reserve a party bus from Emperor Limousine – once you’ve seen our vehicles and the service that accompanies each one, you’ll never even consider trying another limo company near Chicago.

Emperor does things differently.
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The Pearl: Amenities

All of our party buses are custom-made just for us, and out of all of them, The Pearl is one of our more unique designs.

An actual fireplace to separate the bus: in the middle, you’ll find a spacious fireplace that reminds you of home. (And of course, a champagne cooler right below it.)

Intimate seating: the seats are arranged in a slightly concave fashion to “separate” the bus into two separate rooms. Don’t worry – you can always just poke your head up to talk to people in the other room.

Sound, cup holders, and lights everywhere:

  • There are speakers and subwoofers lining the walls and seats to give you an earth-shattering noise level.
  • There are cup holders dispersed throughout so you can move freely.
  • There are LED displays and light shows everywhere (as well as three separate flat screen TVs) so that you can party from the time you get in to the time you get out.

Emperor does party buses better.
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Daytime Interior Video of the Pearl Party Bus

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