The Illusion Party Bus is The Best Party Bus in Chicago!

The Illusion party bus is Emperor’s newest fleet member. Equipped with the latest 2015 amenities, you can expect a comfortable ride that’s packed to the brim with fun.

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What’s inside The Illusion?

The newer the vehicle, the better it becomes. Take a look at some of what’s included in The Illusion below…

Multiple subwoofers: you’ll find thousands of watts of bass distributed evenly around the party bus. This makes for a sound similar to what you’d hear in your favorite club. Some clients even say that our music sounds better than the music in actual clubs. Go figure.

Speakers lining the walls: equal sound distribution means everyone can listen to the music while still being able to hear each other. And the speakers themselves are nothing short of spectacular. If we had to describe them in one word, that word would be crisp.

Chrome & gator black seating: and leather, of course. Comfortable enough to relax in, but firm enough to keep you alert.

Porcelain floors: need we say more? The bottom of the vehicle is a sturdy, luscious porcelain tile – perfect for dancing and moving around on.

Auxiliary input: you don’t have to use our music. Bring any CD or just plug in your iPod or phone to get your favorite tracks into the air.

LED everywhere: there are so many LED displays that we can’t list them all. Take a look at the pictures below to see what we mean…

Actual lasers: they’re constantly moving around to give you an unbelievable experience.

Plenty of room: never feel restricted. You can actually party on all of our party buses – that’s exactly what we built The Illusion for!

Custom manufactured for Emperor!
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Want a tour?

We have pictures of The Illusion on this page, but really, only so much can be captured through photography. If you’d like, call us to schedule a viewing of our entire fleet. You can see the Illusion in addition to all of our party buses so that you find the perfect one for you.

Daytime Interior Video of Illusion Party Bus


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