Bachelorette Party Bus

Every girl, who is planning a wedding, organizes a farewell night. And this is the right decision because a bachelorette party is a perfect excuse to get together with close friends, visit the club, drink cocktails, and dance all night.

We will help you organize the ideal pre-wedding evening & night — just order a party bus from us and feel the comfort and sophistication. Our elite bus for bachelorette parties is not only a luxury car with a thought-out interior, high-quality leather seats, built-in lights, refrigerators, a sound system, and a bar counter.


Never stop partying.

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The Emperor Limousine & Party Bus fleet is a full-fledged mini club on wheels that will help your company to have fun all night and even more. Organize a party on the road!

Limousines for Special Ladies

Gentlemen prefer spontaneity, but women choose to have everything thought out to the smallest detail. Therefore, our company was the first to offer Chicago limos and party buses, the age of which does not exceed several years.

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Reliable Elite Transport

All vehicles are checked daily by the best mechanics and sent for maintenance on time — that is why Emperor Limousine & Party Bus guarantees safety and smooth running. Your guests will not feel a single bump or turn in the road. After each client, the cars are washed to shine by professional cleaners and the bus looks like it has just been bought and you will be the first consumer.

Emperor Limousine awaits your call.

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The Best Services and Drivers

Sometimes we look at the drivers of party cars and wonder at their behavior and appearance. Our chauffeurs are perfect in every way. Have you seen expensive limousine drivers in the movies? Personal operators from Emperor Limousine & Party Bus are just like that — they are always:

  • polite;
  • willing to help;
  • ready to fulfill your request.

And they are dressed in formal black suits that make them look so masculine and stylish.  The driver will always take you to your destination on time, arrive at a strictly agreed time, and will do everything to make the bachelorette party unforgettable and perfect. Our company offers several transport options for hen-parties: buses for a large company up to 30 people; limousines for 10-24 people.

Why Particularly Us

We work with the largest manufacturers in America to create the perfect evening for the bride and her bridesmaids. Light show, great sound for your favorite tracks, soft sofas — you won’t feel like you are going somewhere. And all this at the best price!

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Bachelorette Party Customer Gallery

Take a look at a couple of pictures of our recent bachelorettes! If you have your party coming, please call us today for a free quote at 630-383-4200.


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