Limo Services in Addison, IL

To make a celebration unforgettable, you must think of something original and exciting. Something that you will remember for many years to come. A great option is to order an authentic and luxurious limousine for a holiday. It is less expensive than you might think, especially if you order limo services in Addison with our company.

Such a service as limo rental opens up many possibilities and gives unforgettable and bright emotions to each guest.

Our Addison Limousine Fleet


25-PAX Pearl Hummer H2

Limo services in Addison
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20-PAX Hummer H2

Limo rental in Addison
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20-PAX Infinity QX56

Rent a limousine in Addison
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You can choose any limousine available in our fleet.

We chose the most practical, brightest, and most comfortable cars so that customers could get maximum pleasure and enjoy vivid impressions while traveling. The cars are regularly serviced and kept in optimal technical condition. All drivers are highly qualified and have extensive experience working on these vehicles.

At the moment, we can offer our clients three models:

  • Hummer H2 for 20 passengers;
  • Hummer H2 for 25 passengers;
  • Infinity QX56 for 20 passengers.

Before you rent a limo, check our official website for the features and characteristics of limousines for the holidays. Each car is equipped with all the necessary equipment, music, comfortable seats, a mini-bar, and more.

Before each order, we carefully clean the interior and clean the seats. By agreement with the client, we can refill the mini-bar in advance and decorate the car outside and inside with the festive attributes that you need. 

Why Rent a Limousine in Addison, IL?

You should use a limousine rental in Addison, IL, for several reasons.

  • Large capacity. One limousine can hold up to 20-25 people. That means you can take a large group to the party;
  • Cab alternative. Cabs could be more exciting and interesting. And paying for 5-10 cab cars will be more expensive than renting a large and roomy limousine;
  • Excellent equipment for a holiday. A limousine is not just a vehicle. Here you will have access to a mini-bar, music, karaoke, light equipment, comfortable armchairs, and not only;
  • Unforgettable emotions. One of our main objectives is to give customers an unforgettable experience. We do everything for you to remember us, and always with a smile, tell your friends about your adventures in the limousine. Judging by customer quotes, we are doing great;
  • A spectacular appearance. If you want to surprise your friends and delight your acquaintances, use one of our limousines for your appearance in public. Be sure this performance no one will forget.

Limo Service in Your Area

Consider who you want to be near you and request one of our luxurious limousines. We operate not only in Addison, IL but also in the nearby area.

If you need to hire a limousine, our managers can help you coordinate the embarkation and disembarkation locations and the route you will take.

At your complete disposal will be the following:

  • TV;
  • sound system;
  • bar with drinks of your choice;
  • music system.

You can also coordinate additional limousine services so that your trip will be as comfortable as possible, and you will be well-spent with drinks, quality music, and much more.

To use the limo rental service in Addison, give us a call or fill out the form on the official website.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Limo in Addison, IL?

We are a professional, licensed company that offers limo rentals at an affordable price. And some customers wonder why the service is so cheap.

It’s simple. We adhere to the “quality and affordability” rule in our work. We own all limousines and party buses. We are not intermediaries between limo owners and clients. TIt makes it possible to offer quality services at a low price. Be sure that you will be pleasantly surprised. 

The cost of a lease depends on several factors:

  • This limousine model
  • Duration of the lease
  • Additional services
  • Equipment of the car

If you want to know the exact cost of rent a limo for the holidays, call our managers. You can coordinate all conditions and services, the route, and receive the information on the driver who will serve you.

A limousine rental is not just a car rental. It is a real holiday, and we will make an unforgettable event for you!

Service area

Our service areas include Addison, IL and surrounding areas.

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